Leave Letter (Stripped)

“A vulnerable and authentic take on my previous single, Leave Letter. This stripped down version is my heart stripped and bare for all to hear and see.”

Do It Again

“I thought I was drugged. My boyfriend’s face was melting. He wanted to sleep it off. I wanted to Do It Again.”


“They told me to be honest. They told me to be vulnerable. This song, Huff, is just that. It’s an intimate journey reflective of my youth and how it shaped me. Huff is a heartfelt ballad that I hope will relate to anyone who grew up too soon. Exposing the truth isn’t easy, but in art it’s necessary.”

Leave Letter

“I wrote this song in a time of self-doubt. I was falling in love with anything and everything other than what was right in front of me. Learning to love myself rather than seeking the love I thought I needed was the most healing part of writing this song. The grass isn’t greener. It’s fake.”

Ink Blot

“I hope to encourage others to share their inner darkness, instead of hushing what society does not easily hear. Mental health is something that needs to be shared, not simply medicated.”

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